As the title might suggest, this project is about t-shirts with a typographic content. Kinda nerdy, I know. This project is in a constant state of flux and will be a ongoing adventure with highly irregular updates. It’s just a collection of ideas that I have and that I play with.

[1] I don’t intend to produce these shirts. So far, I’ve only made single specimens for myself. Maybe one day I will, if I can afford the production costs and/or feel like this activity seems to be my purpose in life and I really need to focus all my energy on this venture … like that’s ever gonna happen.

[2] btw: Some of these shirts have been published in the book Typoshirt One by Flo Gaertner, Lars Harmsen & Uli Weiß (Magma Brand Design), published by Index Book (Barcelona) in 2010.

Technical Data

Title: ›Type-Shirts‹
Status: private project
Medium: t-shirts
Year: 2010 – ongoing
Published in: ›Typoshirt One‹ by Magma Brand Design



Layout: Klaas van Kreis
Logotype: (idem)
Typography: (idem)
Fonts: Aachen, ITC American Typewriter, Helvetica, Hoefler Text, FF Meta, Minion Pro, Times New Roman
Photography: Klaas van Kreis