Title: ›Radiant Blue Dress‹
Status: private project
Medium: haiku
Date: 24.12.2013
Recipient: CML
Text: Klaas van Kreis


Radiant blue dress.
On a placid winter day.
Your warmth soothes me.

Title: ›We Danced Together‹
Status: university project
Medium: 8 haikus for lobby cards
Year: 2012
University: HBK Braunschweig
Mentoring: Prof. Ulrike Stoltz, Juliane Wenzl
Text: Klaas van Kreis

Silvery moonshine.
The amazon hails the night,
while the woods languish.

Glaring neon lights.
Two shady figures jumping.
Sense of foreboding.

When dawn calls the day,
two spirits share an instant
floating in the air.

Pink light tints New York.
While night slowly fades away
they dance on the roof.

Early morning dew.
Two silhouettes contrasting
the chiselled skyline.

Passion and contempt.
Two souls dancing on the edge.
Hellhounds are barking.

Bright light, bursting sound.
Her passion has found its end.
She pulled the trigger.

Inhale, exhale.
His body is struggling in vain.
Harrowing of Hell.

Title: ›Paperlips‹
Status: private project
Medium: tanka
Date: 30.09.2012
Recipient: CML
Text: Klaas van Kreis


Days became shorter.
Autumn leaves cover the street.
Riding your new bike,
cold wind hits your face and turns
your tender lips to paper.

Title: ›Fortress‹
Status: private project
Medium: renga
Date: 24.01.2012
Recipient: CML
Text: Klaas van Kreis


My dearest tigress,
inveigled by your beauty,
your charm and your finesse,
I must admit,
you’re quite an enchantress.

As my heart pounds in excitement
with your sight,
I wholeheartedly hope
that you’re my benefactress –
my everlasting fortress.

Title: ›Erik Gebbert‹ (performance)
Status: university project
Medium: 10 haikus
Year: 2011
Dedication: Erik Gebbert
Text: Klaas van Kreis


Drizzling rain outside.
Unpleasant silence dictates
the spacious studio.

Numerous eyes circle around
a lonesome man.

2 cups next to him.
One filled with water,
the other one with plaster.

The kneeling man chokes.
His mouth becomes a blender.
Awkward gurgling sound.

The audience cringes.
Their stomaches cramp while they watch.
Suspense is rising.


He tries to spit out.
The urge to gag hinders him.
Gruesome spectacle.

Petrified viewers.
Please, alleviate his pain.
Yet no one helps him.

The artist goes on.
He manages to spit the
compound on his hand.

His body struggles.
Some people avert their gaze.
I fear to throw up.

The crowd is intrigued.
His ritual starts anew.
Lord have mercy on us.

Title: ›Bremen Hbf‹
Status: private project
Medium: tanka
Date: 07.12.2011
Recipient: CML
Text: Klaas van Kreis


The rails are squealing.
I’m waiting at the platform,
as your train arrives.
Joy arises with your sight.
Finally reunited.