Kafka Metamorphosis

This is a small pamphlet about a quote from Franz Kafka’s ›Metamorphosis‹. The restrictions were quite rigid: [1] we could only use type and colour for our design; [2] we where bound to a specific format (20 × 13 cm); [3] constricted to a limited number of pages and [4] we had to stitch the pamphlet by hand with needle and thread.

I created an entire morphed alphabet for this project, which can be seen on a centrefold poster inside the pamphlet. For the cover I used an embossing technique, where you apply heat to a special substance which then melts and has sort of an enamel varnish finish. I tried to push the boundaries to the limits of the exercise. I hope my teacher likes the result as much as I do, even if I walk the line with my design.

Als Gregor Samsa eines
Morgens aus unruhigen
Träumen erwachte, fand
er sich in seinem Bett zu
einem ungeheueren
Ungeziefer verwandelt.
— Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis, 1912

Centrefold poster

Technical Data

Title: ›Kafka Metamorphosis‹
Status: university project
Medium: pamphlet
Extras: poster (500 x 400 mm)
Year: 2010
University: HBK Braunschweig
Mentoring: Stefan Gunnesch



Layout: Klaas van Kreis
Font: Futura Std
Format: 200 × 130 mm
Pages: 12 pg
Print: 1C inkjet, embossing on cover
Binding: pamphlet, pamphlet stiched binding
Paper: 80 g/m²
Edition: 1st edition, 2010. Printed in Germany.
Amount: 2