From Toy To King

Ironic Blurb:

From upcoming communication designer Klaas van Kreis comes this remarkable and exciting animated short movie.

This exhilarating animation gives you a brief introduction into the fascinating urban subculture ›graffiti‹, and explains you in an incredibly simple way how to become a professional writer yourself in no time.

If you want to get into graffiti, you should pay attention to this!
— KvK

Technical Data

Title: ›From Toy To King‹
Status: university project, bachelor’s thesis (B.A.)
Medium: animation, type-kinetics
Tech. spec.: HD 1280 × 720 px
Length: 6:30 min
Year: (SS) 2009
University: HBK Braunschweig
Mentoring: Prof. Uli Plank, Dr. Grzegorz Zgraja
Infos: or



Layout: Klaas van Kreis
Font: Today SH
Animation: Klaas van Kreis
Screenplay: (idem)
Music: Chewo Beats
Sound: Freesound
Audio Mixing: Christian Meyerholz


Important Note

I sincerely want to apologize for any confusion or discomfort that came with this film.

Kreis is not an active writer. I created this name primarily for this video, so I don’t get into trouble with the police, annoyed vigilantes or anyone else who thinks that he just found out who painted his wall back in the days. I decided to use a fake name (which through a long and thorough research didn’t seem to be used by anyone else). My old name is part of my past and I did not want to revive if for this animation. By no means I intended to displease any active writer who sees this video and thinks that Kreis is an actual writer who intends to promote himself. 

PS: As the name turned out to suit me perfectly, I now use it as a new alias.