design report

Here’s a little side-project I did for the german design magazine ›design report‹. They asked me to design an special issue for the 60th anniversary of the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung). The layout is based on their magazine template, but they gave me a wildcard to push it as far as I want. In the end we had to tune it down a bit, so it stays more coherent with the monthly issue.

This project was a lot of fun, and a great chance for me to gain some first hand experience. The deadline was pretty tight, so we had to work overtime for an entire week. I think it was well worth it, and it delights me to know that Erik Spiekermann had this issue in his hands, as he was a guest speaker at the event.


Technical Data

Title: ›design report e-special | 60 Jahre Rat für Formgebung‹
Client: design report | Rat für Formgebung
Status: contract work
Medium: magazine
Year: 2013
Editorial: Lars Quadejacob, Johanna Wittmaack



Layout: Klaas van Kreis
Fonts: Avenir, PMN Caecilia, Minion Pro
Format: DIN A4 (210 × 297 mm)
Pages: 24 pg
Print: 4C
Binding: pamphlet, staple binding
Edition: 1st edition, 2013. Printed in Germany.
Cover: © Archiv Rat für Formgebung, Rosenthal /
Archiv Beate Reichel


All the copyrights lie with the publisher ›design report | Rat für Formgebung‹. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in the publication lies entirely with the author(s). I merely use this as an example of my work, and do not claim any property rights on this publication.