Collage Letters

T his project started with the idea to create some one-of-a-kind birthday presents for my family. Then it grew larger to include some loved ones from my ›extended‹ family, as well as members of the family of my girlfriend. It just so happens, that their birthdays are coming up soon. So my beloved suggested to make some more letters for them. She even joined me for a while and made a beautiful C for herself.

I’ve been wanting to do some collage work for a while now, but never found time to do so. Before I started with my university education, I used to do collages every day for many years. It’s very meditative and you never have full control over the outcome.

Every letter is in the favorite colour of the receiver (hopefully) and was meticulously built out of recycled paper, magazine clippings, pattern samples, fabrics, foils and stickers. With the exception of the letter E, all the letters are fixed with foam mounting tape on the card stock. This way they hover on top of the paper and provide dimensionality.

Title: ›Collage Letters‹
Status: private project
Medium: postcards
Tech. spec.: DIN A6 105 × 148 mm
Year: 2016