Zhen Wu Braunschweig (Business Cards)

T he goal was to create a business card for the independent Gong-Fu-trainer Nassem Raufi.
He wanted to have something fresh, playful & unconventional, that he could hand out to interested people. His customers would have a certain expectation regarding classical Chinese martial arts – probably less playful and more focused. So we settled for elegant, traditional & sincere, getting my inspiration out of old woodblock prints and Chinese calligraphy. On the front we printed a unique illustration, depicting Nassem in a dynamic fighting pose, framed by typographical details to bring out the Chinese heritage.

We decided to leave out the address, because he’s still searching for a suitable training space. Instead we highlighted an empty area at the bottom, where he could write some personal notes for the potential customer.

To enhance the tactile experience we chose high grammar paperboard that’s generally used for beverage coasters. This way, the business cards are extremely thick (0,9 mm), yet remarkably light. The material strongly emphasizes the striking illustration on the front and gives the finished product an almost handmade appearance.